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About Bahman Sabz, Advertising Institute
The mission of each organization shows the very reason for its existence and establishment. Each organization is founded to meet some specific needs. Determining the mission of each establishment does not only amplify the unity, but it also determines the basis for the allocation of the resources. It also is a good guide for the balanced activities, which have been designed to reach the organizational goals.
Active participation in the world of Islamic art, hiring and training the committed artists as well as producing unique and valuable works of the Islamic art are the main goals in the world of the Islamic art. The mission of Bahman Sabz Institute has been determined according to this goal, which is , "Bahman Sabz Organization deals with cinema and related activities and makes the best efforts to promote the production and screening of the movies and films so that it can satisfy its audience. "
This mission determines the policies of this organization, all of which can affect the way of interactions among the members as well as making decisions by the managers. And based on this, Bahman Sabz outlook has been determined to. "Introducing Art as maker and runner of the cinemas, which are effective in screening films in the Islamic Republic of Iran and also been hailed by the audience."
The slogan of this organization is, "We believe that we are responsible against the quality of the people's free time."
Values introduced by Bahman Sabz Institute:
1.      Satisfying Audience: This institute tries to satisfy the audience through providing good quality and services, including the best-quality screening and marketing.
2.      Learning : This institute tries to gather all the valuable information related to cinema through doing research and constant training. It aims to improve the production cycle.
3.       Cooperation : This institute values cooperation in each section aiming to increase the presence of all employers in decision making process.
4.      Productivity : Bahman Sabz tries to employ the best approach and method with the lowest and economic costs.
5.      Security and green: This institute pays great attention to the customers' safety and also values the environmental issues.
6.      Satisfaction of the shareholders: This organization tries to satisfy its shareholders, noticing the mechanism of supply and demand.  
Goals and Duties:
1.      Creating, completing, renewing and developing cinemas through respecting the standards and economic indicators as well as the cooperation of different sectors of the society.
2.      Preparing the contracts related to finishing, renewing and developing the cinemas.
3.      Preparing standard codes for building and equipping cinemas.
4.      Screening and distributing movies.
5.      Preparing the contracts related to film screening and distribution
6.      Running all affiliated Cinemas
7.      Setting rules and regulations related to the operation of cinemas
8.      Designing and adopting approaches, which can encourage buying tickets
9.      Holding human resource training courses aiming to promote cinema  output
10.  Doing research in Cinema affairs aiming to promote services and productions.
11.  Doing all kind of activities and commercial operations aiming to reach the goals of the institute.