Our Specialization

1.    Screening Movies

Media, in particular Cinema, play vital role in leading the public opinion. Entertainment is the major role of the Cinema and big changes that have occurred in different societies are the result of information and spread of it through cinemas.

The effect of cinema in public opinion can be analyzed in two directions: The effect of film content and the effect of the place that movies are being screened.

Cinema is the foundation of non-materialistic relations, which can remain in hearts and minds for good. These kinds of memories can bring meaning to human life like spiritual heritage. People can find mutual feelings in public places including mosques, theaters and cinemas. The places in which the movies are being screened play fundamental role in directing human feelings and excitements, as they can show it, which can otherwise lead to anarchy and disquiet. This quality of Cinema has always been noticed by the governments and those movements seeking changes. Building trust among people and leading their ideas and beliefs to specific path is possible through media and cinemas.

2.    Building and renewing Cinema Salons

Since the government art section feels responsible against the cultural and artistic places, it is determined to rebuild and renew all cinema salons based on a programed plan and following that, bahman Sabz institute- as the executive of the project, is determined to follow the international standards and rebuild all cinema salons and make them beautiful places for the audience.


One of the most significant measures employed by this institute has been changing the chairs of the salons, screens, decorations, ecosystems and also improving the hygienic condition and entrance gates as well as automating the ticketing system. Designing, rebuilding, technical organizing and repairing of the Cinema salons are among activities performed by this institute.

3.    Advertisements in Cinema Salons

Commercials in Cinemas, as public entertainment,are one of the most effective and economic ways to promote the products. The audience enjoys peace and quiet while watching films, the issue which plays significant role in effectiveness of the advertisements.

4.    Selling Tickets

Selling discount tickets in different governmental and non-state organizations in Tehran and other parts of the country is one of the other actions that Bahman Sabz Institute aims to adopt so that staff can enjoy their presence in Cinema salons.